Cinema International

The South West Roxy Cinema is the home of Cinema International - a series of quality films from Europe, Asia, Australia and the leading U.K. and U.S.A. independent filmmakers. We are the recognised leaders in our region for quality, limited-release, foreign and art-house films and we offer them right here in the Macleay Valley.

Our Cinema International series of films gives you the chance to experience the highest quality in independent and foreign language titles, without the need to travel to city art-house cinemas.

A special selection of the finest of British, Continental, Asian and Australasian films are presented, along with the best of the USA’s independent productions and film festival favourites.

While Cinema International titles sometimes run for extended seasons (as long as 40 weeks!) it is important to realise that these titles are normally limited to a modest number of screenings. This allows us to offer the best possible variety from the hundreds of titles released each year. To avoid disappointment, it is wise to attend as early in the season as possible.

Cinema International Movies